Physiotherapy, regeneration and functional training

Experience, expertise, functional physiotherapy training on around 600 square metres and a unique combination of different training and regeneration equipment.

Physiotherapy and functional physiotherapy training in prevention and recovery are carried out using highly specialised equipment. This ensures optimum regeneration. Biological and functional diagnostics enable a well-founded assessment of physical resilience.

Individual & Effective

Combination of personal experience with innovative technology

Functional physiotherapy training on 600 square metres

Keiser training equipment: The intelligent strength device

Keiser devices offer precise adjustment of the training resistance for physical therapy and rehabilitation. The devices are equipped with a digital control system that enables fine adjustment of the pneumatic resistance (= weight resistance) even during movement.

The Itensic training device focuses on optimising trunk and hip stability as well as mobility through straight-line movements over short distances. These also activate the deep muscles and thus improve posture and joint mechanics.

The 360° Space Curl offers a unique training concept that promotes balance, coordination and muscle development. It combines training with a unique movement experience. Thanks to its three-dimensional freedom of movement, the Space Curl enables holistic training, especially for improving motor skills and rehabilitation.

The Dimove Functional Seesaw Pro offers an innovative training system that has been specially developed to improve strength, balance and coordination as well as specific motor skills. By using unstable platforms that enable multidirectional movements, Dimove targets the entire musculoskeletal system and cognitive performance.

The combination of biomechanical assessment and customised exercise programmes has been specially developed to improve proprioceptive and motor skills. It combines advanced sensor technology with interactive exercise programmes to provide customised therapy and training options. This not only supports rehabilitation after injuries, but also promotes general physical performance.

The isokinetic recumbent bike enables training with constant speed and variable resistance. Bidirectional, it therefore enables optimum muscle activation without the risk of overloading. It also offers an isokinetic mode and a power mode. Different load types can be combined as required. Feedback on training progress during coordination training is provided via the feedback display. The Cyclus 2 is characterised by its particular effectiveness in rehabilitation.

Galileo offers effective vibration training that increases muscle strength, improves mobility and contributes to faster regeneration. Its unique technology also activates deeper muscle groups, which is particularly beneficial in rehabilitation and competitive sports. Training on Galileo is highly effective in supporting bone health and muscle development.

There are also numerous rowing, kayak and various bicycle ergometers available. A free weights area and small machines are also available.


There are also numerous rowing, kayaking and various cycle ergometers available. A free weights area and small machines are also available.

Relaxation, regeneration and mental strengthening

Papimi (physical cell therapy)

The Papimi ion therapy device promotes cell regeneration and improves physical performance through non-invasive treatment. It stimulates cell communication and encourages the body to activate its self-healing powers, making it particularly effective for pain relief and general support of healing processes. Papimi is used in various medical and therapeutic fields and offers a fast and effective treatment method without side effects.

The Brainlight auditory-visual relaxation system has been in use for more than 20 years. It uses pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to gently guide the brain into different brainwave patterns. This improves mood, sleep patterns, mental acuity and increases relaxation levels.

It also increases blood flow to the brain, balances neurotransmitter levels and improves cognitive performance. The effect of various frequencies was investigated back in the 1960s. The first forerunners of today’s Brainlight devices were already being used in the 1980s

The Medijet dry massage table offers an innovative solution for deep relaxation and muscle regeneration without direct physical contact. By using water jets under a flexible lying surface, Medijet enables an effective massage that relieves tension and promotes blood circulation while the user remains dry.

The Jouvence floating table combines the advantages of a floating table with those of a dry massage table, enabling deep relaxation thanks to the floating effect on temperature-controlled air and water cushions. It promotes blood circulation and can also be used in combination with the Med4Elite cold-heat compression therapy.

The Vacumed SL and Vacumed A.N.S (arm, neck and shoulder) offer an innovative solution for improving circulation and lymphatic drainage through intermittent vacuum therapy. This technology is used in rehabilitation and to support physical regeneration. It promotes the healing of tissue and ligament damage, open wounds and bone fractures and shortens the healing phase by up to 35 per cent. Vacumed can also be used to treat venous and lymphatic congestion and to optimise athletic performance.

This innovative product from France supports the mobilisation of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Sartisform offers an advanced solution for the targeted treatment of back problems. It effectively relieves pain and promotes the healing of spinal complaints. The system supports the restoration of mobility and helps to improve quality of life.

The non-invasive alternative is the treatment of choice to relieve back pain of any cause and at any stage. Precise traction takes pressure off the vertebrae, promotes the healing of herniated discs and relieves pain. The treatment supports the restoration of mobility and helps to improve quality of life.

The PelviPower pelvic floor trainer offers an innovative method for strengthening the pelvic floor and improving posture. Using magnetic stimulation, the device helps to effectively train the pelvic floor muscles, which can help with incontinence, back pain and sexual dysfunction. It offers a non-invasive approach to improving general physical well-being and is suitable for both men and women.

The EMSculpt neo offers advanced technology for completely passive muscle building. This means that the device can be used as a basis for further dynamic therapy measures. The basic treatment lasts 4 weeks and is effective for a year. By combining high-intensity electromagnetic therapy and radio frequency, EMSculpt neo heats the tissue to reduce fat and build muscle mass at the same time.