Over 35 years of experience in international elite and competitive sport.

We have been supporting professionals on their way to top performance for decades. Athletes in football, alpine and Nordic sports, motorsport and tennis and all types of sport.

Red Bull athletes and Olympic teams also rely on our work.

We recognise the special needs of elite and competitive athletes. Our approach combines advanced physiotherapy techniques with a deep understanding of the demands of elite sport. This enables us to create personalised treatment plans tailored to the specific injuries and performance goals of each individual athlete.

Competence centre for rehabilitation, revitalisation and recovery

With a team of experts experienced in the treatment of sports injuries, we strive not only to rehabilitate our athletes, but also to maximise their performance through targeted prevention and optimisation strategies.

There are also numerous rowing, kayaking and various cycle ergometers available. A free weights area and small machines are also available.

Functional physio training more than 200 square metres

Recreational Therapy area

Frank Schreier

Frank is the founder and owner of More Than Sport and a licensed player agent with a broad, international network in top-class sport.

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