Carmäleon Drive by Harry Quenz

Carmäleon Drive combines the experience and expertise of experienced therapists with comprehensive therapy, training and regeneration equipment.

The average waiting time for physiotherapy is 4 weeks or more. Carmäleon Drive combines physiotherapy with the benefits of additional equipment-based forms of treatment. In this way, we shorten recovery and waiting times.

Regeneration for everyone. Immediate, fast and unconventional.

Harry Quenz

More than 30 years of experience in competitive sports such as football, alpine and Nordic sports, motorsport and tennis, and all kinds of sports.

  • Trained medical and sports masseur
  • Physiotherapist and sports physiotherapist
  • Manual therapist
  • Medical trainer
  • TCM practitioner
  • Certified trainer for general physical education and fitness
  • Experience from over 20 years as a personal trainer
  • Founder and owner of Carmäleon Drive.

Martin Pfeifenberger

Martin Pfeifenberger has been working on performance and resilience since the mid-1990s. He analyzed over 100 disciplines in various sports in terms of physical performance compared to the world’s best. These include numerous world and European champions and team champions (soccer, ice hockey, handball), as well as medal winners at the Olympic Games.

Creating the necessary resilience is a prerequisite for competitive sport in order to survive in competition. The principles that apply in competitive sport are the same principles that are responsible for resilience in business – as THE best preventative health care. Measurable, verifiable and sustainable.


Mario Meklin

Many years of experience in working with top athletes in skiing (DSV), football and motorsport

  • Resident in Orthopaedic Surgery Switzerland (Prof Hirschmann) and Sports Medicine (Prof Schmitt-Sody)
  • Private assistant Dr Köhne OCM Munich (focus on cruciate ligament surgery and knee endoprosthetics)
  • OSCoach with fokus RTA/RTS/RTP/RTC
  • Athletic and rehabilitation training, joint/muscle sonography, shock wave therapy, sports taping

The Carmäleon Drive team

Frank Schreier

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Gerlinde Rauchwarter

Assistance & Backoffice
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