Holistically effective & innovative

Back to life. Self-determined and efficient for better health and well-being.

Take advantage of our experience in sports such as football, alpine and Nordic sports, motorsport and tennis and our collaboration with Red Bull, Olympic teams, the Dakar Rally and support for world and European championships.

We see physiotherapy as a combination of manual applications and modern technology.

The four pillars at Carmäleon Drive.

Medical technologies such as shock wave, high intensity laser, laser shower, ultrasound, magnetic field therapy and focussed magnetic field therapy, stimulation current and Physio-Touch fascia therapy and many more are used.


Manual therapy according to Kaltenborn and Cyriax, PNF techniques, fascia therapy, massages according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Functional physiotherapy training

Physiotherapy training for prevention and recovery. We use effective and safe equipment-supported training methods to promote the healing process and endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility.

Optimised regeneration

We use highly specialised treatment devices to accelerate healing and regeneration processes.

Diagnostics of resilience

Based on an ergometric and movement-structural analysis.

Improvement of the metabolism locally and in general

More mobility and flexibility of joints and muscles

Relief from pain

Supporting the body's self-healing powers

Your health and fitness package

Initial diagnosis and initial therapy

Analysis, initial treatment, therapy concept and further measures

therapy steps

Mix of classic physiotherapy and supportive physical applications

therapy recommendation

Tools for individual continuation and stabilisation after therapy.

Conceived as a car.

Made into an oasis for health and fitness!

Until recently, the focus was on the “Car”. But since 2024, the building at Gruberfeldstraße 8 in Obertrum has stood for a new form of mobilisation. And if you take a look at the building from above, you will recognise the shape of the Carmäleon. That’s how versatile the work of the Carmäleon Drive team is.